Fans Try To Pull The Ghost Prank On BamBam But He Wasn’t Having It

He saw through the lies and realised it was a prank.

Viewers hoping to generate a hilarious reaction from BamBam were left disappointed when their pranking attempt failed.

Previously, ARMYs had successfully pranked BTS members during live broadcasts where they would comment, “Is someone behind you?”

Known as the “Ghost Prank,” these comments had successfully gotten the members to look behind, only to realize that it was all a joke.

Fans decided the next target of the “Ghost Prank” would be GOT7’s BamBam.

During a live broadcast, BamBam read out a comment that said, “Is someone behind you?”

Though fans attempted to try it on BamBam, they got a very different reaction.

For one thing, he saw through the guise and jokingly called out the fans for trying to scare him.

“Is someone behind you?” Ooh, I’m not scared man

BamBam pointed out that the “Ghost Prank” was a fallacy, considering he was in his own home.

Come on, it’s my house.

He hilariously called out fans, stating that there was no way he would fall for the prank since his house was incredibly secure.

BamBam had the utmost faith in his home’s privacy that he explained there was no way a stranger would walk into his room.

My house is really safe, it’s really safe, we’re really private. Man, no one can even see me from outside.

BamBam also felt the need to defend his house, which he considered 100% ghost-free.

It’s the only place that I really feel safe and feel calm, you know, my house is the best.

While fans were unable to trick BamBam, they were able to get a hilarious love letter from him to his house.

And some have even commended their idol for calling the “ghost prank” out.

BamBam is out there living his best life with his ghost-free privacy.