Fans Are Upset That BTS’s J-Hope Wasn’t Given The Chance To Speak After Receiving The Award

J-Hope will always be our ray of sunshine!

While BTS took home both the Album and Digital Song Daesangs at the 34th Golden Disc Awards, fans found it unfortunate that J-Hope didn’t get his chance to speak after receiving the awards.





Fans on Twitter started to post about this and expressed their frustration.


“They received four awards today and out of the seven members, J-Hope was the only one that didn’t get a chance to speak after receiving the awards. This isn’t the first time they’ve received an award and it shouldn’t be too hard to make sure all the members have a chance to speak. They should know how precious these live broadcast shows are. I’m so upset that they didn’t make time for J-Hope to speak too.”





“I saw several clips online and I could understand why Hobi’s fans were upset about this. The cameras didn’t do a lot of close-ups for him and only used full shots. I hope that the members can take care of each other. I hope that only good things happen for our hard-working Hobi!”





“I also thought that Hobi would say something next after RM but it just ended like that.”





“The camera work for ‘Dionysus’ was pretty bad and it zoomed out at Hobi’s parts. I can understand just how upset his fans are. We all know how hard-working and amazing he is. I hope J-Hope’s fans won’t be upset for too long. Let’s send him more love and support!”




After the live broadcast of the show ended, J-Hope posted messages on both Twitter and Weverse. Fans felt that J-Hope posted these messages because he wasn’t able to thank fans during the show.




“I love you ARMY! Fighting for 2020! You guys are my hope!”





He left a heartfelt message on Weverse expressing to ARMYs that they were his hope.



I feel like tonight is the day I finally feel like 2019 has ended. I am able to happily end the past year after doing my best for the performance we worked so hard for! As I am organizing my thoughts I am excited for what this New Year will bring! All the moments we had together were new and unforgettable. I am able to confidently start 2020 without any worries! All the honor and happiness we have received are precious to me and will continue to be precious so I wanted to express my feelings to everyone with words. ARMY! You guys are truly my hope! I don’t know how well I can express this in words but I love you all! I love you!!!






J-Hope later got to speak about receiving the award after the live show through the TikTok app. Fans hope that they will work harder to include all the members for important events such as this.





Here is J-Hope’s speech at the 2018 MAMA. Fans could feel just how hard he worked and how thankful he was for being a part of the group and to have ARMYs as their fans.