Fans Upset At Ahn Joon Young PD For Using BTS’s Name To Explain Himself

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Producer Ahn Joon Young, who was charged with manipulating the votes on the Produce series, expressed his regret and stance on having a meeting with the entertainment agency officials.

On April 27, they opened the fourth trial for the five people who were charged with fraud of the Produce series. The five people attending the trial included Ahn Joon Young, Kim Yong Beom and three CJ ENM officials.

Eight defendants and three witnesses attended the trial for those who participated in the Produce series.

In regards to Ahn’s frequent meetings with the agency officials from the end of Produce 2 and the start of Produce 3. He stated that the “timing was coincidental.”

When asked if the producer had absolute influence for the show, Ahn commented, “BTS has also grown through the power of social media rather than the power of broadcasts. It is no longer the era of relying on broadcasting regardless of the size of the agency.”

In regards to his meetings with the agency officials at adult entertainment establishments, he stated, “I think I I was a fool. I wouldn’t have gone if it were for those intentions. I didn’t think it through. I will never make this kind of mistake again.”

Although Ahn did admit to the first and second trials, he denied the main charge that he never received fraudulent requests from the trainees’ companies. The staff team revealed that they had manipulated the voting results due to the pressure from audience ratings. The agency officials also stated that they did have drinks with the Produce staff and that it was not for anything inappropriate.

Fans who read the news were upset at the fact that he compared it to BTS and used them as an excuse for his statement.

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