Koreans Vote On TWICE Nayeon’s Best “Era” And The Result Is Predictable

It wasn’t a hard decision, actually.

TWICE‘s Nayeon can slay all kinds of styles, especially because she has both cute and sexy sides. So when Koreans tried to vote on which “era” was her best, the result came out to be pretty predictable – and of course, quite agreeable.


Nayeon’s first era ever began with the show Sixteen. During this era, Nayeon was young, curious, and passionate. She was an eye-catching trainee since episode 1 and  worked hard toward her debut!


As soon as TWICE debuted, Nayeon’s “Ooh-Ahh” era began. The girl crush concept led to Nayeon in a leather crop top and it was blissful for all the ONCEs who have kept their eyes on her since Sixteen.


Following was Nayeon’s “Cheer Up” era. Her bright and bubbly personality fit in perfectly with this cheerleader concept album. This was also the beginning of Nayeon in pigtails, which indeed cheered up a lot of ONCE hearts!


Then Nayeon wowed everyone once again with her shoulder-length bob in “TT” era. Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off of this refreshing look on Nayeon. Her hairstyle trended widely among female ONCEs who wanted to shake things up for themselves as well.


Nayeon’s fifth era hailed with “Knock Knock”. She went back to her signature long, black hair with a bit of styling around the face. The choreography worked in her favor because she got to be the center fairy with this adorable dance move.


Nayeon in “Signal” was a whole another story. She had dyed her hair in light brown, accentuating her gorgeous transparent skin even better. Nayeon often wore braided pigtails to different performances, making her look young, cheerful, and fun!


By her “Likey” era, Nayeon had matured a bit more into a gorgeous young lady. Her red lips became iconic, along with her bright smile that could light up the entire stage. ONCEs have always been in love with her swooshy long hair – and she really made it work during this era!


Just when ONCEs thought they had seen all the styles that Nayeon could conquer came her “Heart Shaker” era. Nayeon’s jaw-dropping hipline from the music video went viral and had everyone working out with her shape as body goals. In even just a simple tee and denim, Nayeon slayed this entire era.


Nayeon in “What is Love?” era actually made ONCEs question what love could really mean. Could it be the sensation they felt when they saw Nayeon in her voluminous black hair flowing through the air as she danced on stage?


Then it was the summer of all summers – Nayeon’s “Dance The Night Away” era. She was the definition of ocean breeze and sunny freshness during this time. In her white dress, Nayeon was a true summer goddess and ONCEs were in love all over again.


For “Yes or Yes”, Nayeon looked lovely in plaid. She and her chocolate brown hair left all her fans screaming yes, yes, and yes!


And last but not least, the most recent era for Nayeon was her “Fancy” era. ONCEs love the fact that Nayeon can be both cutesy and sexy at the same time. For “Fancy” promotions, Nayeon was all kinds of intriguing – in her lacy gloves and harness-themed tops. This bad girl Nayeon concept had everyone fancying her for weeks!


As for the result? The answer is all. Her fans decided there is no point in voting for one era because Nayeon owned every single one of the eras! There wasn’t a single TWICE promotion when Nayeon didn’t stand out. Her beauty, her talent, and her personality continue to hold her fans completely captive!

Source: THEQOO