Fans Have Been Waiting 9 Years For CNBLUE’s Yonghwa And Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun To Date

Long live the goguma couple!

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun got married in 2010 as part of the MBC variety show We Got Married (WGM).

The show allows male and female celebrities – be it idol group members, actors, comedians, or TV personas – to be in a virtual marriage for a certain period of time. Each couple even has wedding photos taken!

Although their first interaction was quite awkward, Yonghwa and Seohyun, whose couple nicknames were ‘YongSeo’ and ‘goguma couple’ (sweet potato couple), successfully developed their intimate relationship as time went on, bonding over their mutual love of music…

And beginning to bicker and interact like a real-life couple.

Fans began to ship them hard, especially when they dropped formalities and began treating each other familiarly in cute and hilarious situations.

They displayed easy skinship and chemistry.

Besides appearing on WGM, Yonghwa and Seohyun also occasionally MCed MBC’s music program Music Core, and sung a duet on the stage called Banmal (informal speech), which is a song they composed themselves.

Due to busy schedules, their virtual relationship ended in 2011, and the two went their separate ways – but fans were still hopeful they would one day become a couple in real life.

Even after their appearance on the reality program ended, Yonghwa declared his love for his “wife” Seohyun on Strong Heart.

Fansites devoted to YongSeo continued to run for years, and rumors sparked again about a possible real-life relationship in 2013 when it was revealed they lived in the same building! Yonghwa confirmed on Radio Star on 2014 that both he and Seohyun indeed lived in the same complex, but rejected the rumor of being in a relationship with Seohyun.

He clarified a rumor that stated he had been seen entering Seohyun’s car, because it turned out that his and Seohyun’s license plate numbers were similar, so he once mistook Seohyun’s van for his own.

Everyone, we really did not date.

— Yonghwa

In 2017, the pair were reunited again as MCs when they hosted the Golden Disk Awards, along with singer Hwang Chiyeol. Many netizens were happy about Yonghwa and Seohyun seeing each other again, saying that they missed the couple’s virtual romance.

And fans are still waiting to this day, reminiscing about WGM and continuing to wish for YongSeo to be reunited.

  • “Still wish for them… YongSeo Fighting… from admin YongSeo Malaysia”
  • “They should make WGM 2 or WGM the reunion, or something like that. At least they should make a drama together, because they have a lot of chemistry.”
  • “Omg what am I supposed to do? I really love this couple T.T”
  • “Who else still wishes that they were to have dated in real life?”
  • “My heart still want these two to end up together.”

It seems as if YongSeo shippers will never give up hope for their goguma couple!