Fans Wish Heechul Would Stop Apologizing To Them After Confirming Relationship

Fans are touched.

Fans had the opportunity to meet Heechul while he was filming for SBS‘s “Maknam Square.” Fans were upset that Heechul kept looking down as he repeatedly apologized to fans. Heechul recently confirmed his relationship with TWICE‘s Momo earlier this month. He announced that he would take a hiatus from his YouTube channel after news of his relationship became public.



Below is a fans encounter with Heechul during the filming of the TV show.

“As soon as I made eye contact with him he said, ‘I feel bad even to make eye contact with you’. He kept saying sorry so I tried to lighten the mood by joking and saying, ‘Did you feel bad? Is that why you wanted all of us to get boyfriends?’ But he just said, ‘Man I’m just really sorry…and the stuff on the internet about us dating for 3 years is not true…'”



“I told him I came here to meet him and let him know that I support him, but he kept saying that he was sorry and that he was always grateful. He couldn’t even look me straight in the eye as he kept apologizing. For those that were regular customers he continued to laugh and joke around, but every time he saw us (the fans) he kept saying sorry and apologizing.”



“It hurt to see him apologizing repeatedly so I just joked before leaving saying, ‘My mom said that you went down from fourth place to fifth place now!’ but he didn’t take the joke and said he couldn’t take a joke at a time like this.” 

*In Korean the word “fourth place” makes the same sound as “son-in-law” and so she was joking that he wasn’t her mom’s future son-in-law anymore


Fans and even non-fans of Heechul left comments expressing how touched they were about his actions and words to his fans.


We hope that Heechul stays happy in everything he does!

TWICE's Momo And Heechul's Relationship