Fans Won’t Stop Giving DIA’s Chaeyeon These Gifts Since She Became Legal

DIA‘s Chaeyeon revealed that she continues to receive a large volume of a specific kind of gift from her fans ever since she legally became an adult in Korea.

On March 2, DIA’s Chaeyeon guest starred on tvN‘s Life Bar alongside Cosmic Girls‘s Cheng Xiao, LABOUM‘s Solbin, and Seo Shin Ae.

This particular episode focused on the culture of alcohol in Korea, and the guests discussed their favorite drinks, how well the can handle their liquor, and even drank low-alcohol beer to start off the show.

DIA’s Chaeyeon warmed up the panel by revealing that she has been receiving quite a lot of alcoholic drinks as gifts from her fans since she became of legal age.

“When I starred in Taxi, I explained that I’d like to have a meal with some alcoholic drinks with the people I like once I became legal. Ever since then, my fans keep giving me alcoholic gifts. They usually bring me vodka and different flavored soju.”

Chaeyeon of DIA

At first, she explained she really hated the taste of alcohol, as it tasted like ethanol. She seems to have become used to the taste, however, as she also revealed that she prefers drinking soju, and can now drink up to a bottle and a half before getting drunk.

Source: Dispatch