Fans Worry About miss A’s Future After Two Members Leave

JYP Entertainment left fans confused as to what the future hold for the remaining two members of miss A. 

This was after the group was likely speculated to be disbanded following the agency’s statement that there were no future plans for the remaining members as yet. 

Korean News Reports miss A Is Practically Disbanded As Min Leaves

Min was not able to renew with the agency following the expiration of her contract. She’s the second member of the group to leave following Jia. 

At the time, miss A was meant to continue with three members while focusing on individual activities. 

Suzy, however,  continued this hope of a trio after signing a new contract, but that all changed with Min’s decision. 

Fans are divided towards waiting for the disbandment announcement or simply plans to continue as a duo. 

However, JYP Entertainment only stated that there are currently no future plans for miss A’s future. 

Only that the two remaining members will simply focus on their individual activities at present. 

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Source: XSportsNews