Fans Left Wondering What To Do After A Fansign Was Postponed For 2 Years Due To VICTON Han Seungwoo’s Enlistment

“Imagine winning the call and not even stanning when the time comes.”

It was recently announced that VICTON‘s Han Seungwoo had enlisted in the military. Due to his enlistment, a scheduled video call fan sign was postponed inevitably. However, as he has to be released from his duties before he can participate in commercial activities, the lucky fans would have to wait for around 2 years before they can cash in on their win.

It was revealed by a winner that the event had been postponed until 2023, a whole 2 years later. Although this could not be helped due to schedule conflicts, fans were left wondering what to do in these 2 years.

| @lixlee_007/TwitterFans noted that the album in question for the fansign was released actually in 2020, not 2021, making the commercially promotional period for the album extremely long. Some noted that the fansign should have just gone ahead with the remaining members…

…while others called for a refund.

Another pointed out that this plan relied highly on the loyalty of the fans. In the worst-case scenario, the winner might not even be a fan by the time 2023 rolls around.

This is not the first time a fansign has been indefinitely postponed. Previously, NCT 127‘s face-to-face fansign for Neozone was scheduled right before COVID-19 restrictions kicked in. Subsequently, the fansign was rescheduled for 2021 June… that is until the restrictions tightened with a new wave of the virus outbreak, and the event was set back to pending and fans were offered the option of a refund.