Fansign Staff Praises ATEEZ Members For Their Kindness During Events, Here’s Why

These members stood out for the right reasons!

When it comes to fansign events, although they are one of the most loved parts of K-Pop, it takes a lot of staff to organize. It can be extremely hard for many of these staff to meet the fan’s demands and ensure that the idol’s needs are met.

In a new video on the Doyouram YouTube channel, a fansign staff member, “Ms. A,” revealed what it was like to work at one of these events. She was asked which artists were the most memorable for the thoughtful way they acted towards the staff.

The first idol she thought of was ATEEZ‘s Yunho, saying that he was particularly memorable!

During one event, an international call failed to connect, and she kept asking to try one more time as she didn’t want the fan to miss out. Known as the happy virus in ATEEZ, it wasn’t surprising that Yunho used all of his energy to comfort the staff member.

I had my hands together like I was praying, thinking, ‘Please work. Please work.’ I think Yunho was the next person in line to do the video call. He burst out laughing when he saw me and then prayed with me for the video connection to work.

— Ms. A

It seems as if Yunho isn’t the only member of ATEEZ that made a positive impression on Ms. A. Member San was also memorable for her.

In particular, there was an event where Ms. A was having some trouble. However, San seemed to notice and showcased his warmth and empathy.

I think San was aware of how I was having a tough moment. He said, ‘You are working so hard. We had a very good outcome.’ So basically, an artist was comforting me, a staff member.

— Ms. A

After talking about ATEEZ, Ms. A even thanked the members, adding, “Thanks to those artists, I felt humanity which I hadn’t felt in the industry.

As expected, the ATEEZ members continue to prove why they are such strong idols by being great not only to their fans but to everyone they meet during their schedules.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Doyouram and FI