Miss Germany Finalist Receives Death Threats For Dating A Korean Man

They called her a “race traitor”.

Farina Behm is a former Miss Germany finalist who is now a full-fledged YouTuber under the name Farina Jo.

Farina has been in a relationship with a Korean man named Dong-In, who was born and raised in Germany. She first introduced him to her viewers in November 2017 but admitted they had been living together for 2 years.

In general, the comments they got were full of support and love for the couple.

However, Farina recently uploaded a video in order to address the fact that she’s also received a lot of unwarranted hate for being in an inter-racial relationship.

She explains how they never felt any cultural barriers between them since they both grew up in Germany and how even though they might get some stares here and there in public, no one ever approached them to say anything hateful.

But the internet is a whole different story, where people were not afraid to freely and anonymously express their hate towards them, which really shocked and surprised her.

“It was really surprising and shocking that there are still people out there with outdated mindsets”.

—Farina Jo

Most frequently, she’d see people say she was a “race traitor” and one user even told her to find herself a “real man”.

She went on to explain how she thinks these comments come from white supremacists as one comment said, “From the Third Reich to dog eater, how the mighty have fallen.”

The most serious thing though was receiving a death threat, from an Instagram stalker, who vulgarly described how he wanted to torture them and kill them.

The only words Farina has for these people is that she feels pity for them because they don’t understand the concept of love.

But she felt the need to address this because there might be similar couples out there and she believes no argument justifies the hate that interracial couples are met with.


Watch the full video below: