Fashion Expectation Vs Reality: Korean Online Clothes Shopping Experiences

Buying new clothes can be one of the most difficult things to do especially if you’re purchasing from an online shop.And if you’re unable to try the clothing of interest on, you can only imagine how it would look on yourself. So when you get it in the mail, it may be that it doesn’t look flattering on yourself quite as well as you’d think.

One illustration showed this occurrence with a female figure, though it can undoubtedly be applied to men as well.

(Left: What you imagined; Right: In reality)



01. 쫄티
(Right: Bulky arms that the shirt can’t handle. Breasts, waist and stomach that have no apparent distinction to the human eye)


02. Skinny Jeans
(Right: Thighs that have never spent a minute apart. Calves that look like they belong to a body builder)


03. 박시티
(Bottom Left: A slim body that is covered by a large shirt….)
(Bottom Right: The shirt cannot cover all of your body.)

Source: Instiz