The Fate Of BTS As Told By A Fortune Teller

What are your thoughts on his predictions?

It is common for people in Korea and Asia to see a fortune teller to see their destiny or to see what may come up for them in the New Year. Here is a quick rundown of the fate of the BTS members as told by a fortune teller. (Note: this is just the fortune teller’s opinion and not all statements may be true.)




When asked what the fate of BTS would be, the fortune teller started off by saying that their group name BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) was a great choice for them. He had previously explained that TVXQ was a great name, but he felt that BTS was an even better name. He then briefly explained the fate of each of the members.





After reading that his real name was Kim Namjoon, he revealed that his name fits him very well. His Chinese zodiac is the dog and is known to do everything well and there will always be a lot of people around him. He also believes that he will live a life that he does not regret. He is destined to have many people around him and is known to be someone that likes everyone around him. Even if he has tens and thousands of fans, he has the ability to share his love to all of them. But, he can be a bit lonely as he is busy spreading the love with everyone else. He sees him doing this type of work for the next 40 years and even after stepping down from the stoplight, he sees him doing music production or even owning his own entertainment company. As the leader of the group, he is very considerate and does his job well of balancing the group. In terms of himself, he seems to be quite hard on himself, causing him to be a bit lonely throughout life. Fans of RM should continue to give him endless love and support as it can help with his loneliness.





Kim Seok Jin, uses the Chinese symbols of Seok (big) Jin (treasure) and states that this meaning shouldn’t be used for ordinary people. However, he states that this name works well for Jin. He believes that people like Jin can have personalities with many ups and downs. They can be doing great one second and change unexpectedly, making it hard to control him. Fans should show continuous love and support as he could end up with depression. He is someone that can be seen happy and outgoing on the outside, but depressed when he is alone. He also has the fate to live a long life. The fortune teller predicts he will live to maybe around 90 and also live abroad and share the wealth and love with others.





Suga is a good person but sometimes at a cost. He loves to volunteer and has a good heart and loves to share with everyone. He is also the most delicate and detailed person out of the group. He may seem tough on the outside but he is actually very lonely on the inside. He is also someone who likes interesting and different types of food.





Taking a look at the fate of Jung Hoseok, he states that he has the most masculine personality of the group. He is also the type of personality that has a strong desire for accomplishment. There is a lot of potential and energy that he will do well as a businessman. He has great leadership value regardless of age, and will most likely succeed if he goes into the business field. He could do well in real estate as well construction. He is a celebrity that can do amazing in business as well.





Park Jimin has a soft yet charismatic aura to him and has a good fate. He is someone who does his best for whoever he chooses. He is also very loyal and isn’t someone who gets depressed during hard times. He may seem weak but he actually has a strong and tough side to him. However, he should take good care of his health. His fate also shows that he won’t have to worry about money in his lifetime. He also believes that he leans more towards boyish girls or girls who can lead a man. If there is someone that he should not meet, it is people with the zodiac sign of the snake and the dragon.





His name Kim Taehyung is a very simple and good name. He has a crucial weakness, which is that he can be very lonely if there is no one around him. He also has many talents including dancing, composing, singing and is very charismatic. He is smart and loves to share with others, but sometimes at a cost. He may be caring and considerate to everyone but he seems to neglect his family a bit. He is very wise and strong in accomplishments. Out of all the members he seems to have the biggest dreams. He wants to travel the world and live a wonderful life. He may end up losing a lot by being loyal to everyone so it’s better for him to live a bit more self-centered to prevent something like that from happening.





He feels that this person’s fate was not good this year. He is very detailed and charismatic and very good at what he wants. He is good almost everything, but there are always some bad things that come with good things. Jungkook is currently in what is called a “samjae” which means a period of time when bad things may occur for the next three years. There could be possibility of some scandals and he is someone that speaks his mind. Whether it is about a certain situation or about a certain person, he will make it clear about what or who he likes. He is not good at holding a poker face and he isn’t someone that wishes to work for long. Instead of staying put, he will probably do well in tourism business.




The Fate of BTS?

He believes that the people who put the group together is truly a mastermind as they put together a group that balances each other well. He stated that RM does not match well with people with the zodiac of the snake and dragon and Jin does not match well with the tiger and the rabbit. There is not one member with these zodiac signs in the group. He feels like the gods have put together this group and there won’t be any instances of someone going behind another member’s back.




He also believes that if you are a fan of BTS that they should not only send presents to the members but also to the hard working staff members and officials at Big Hit for creating such a legendary group.





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