Father Blatantly Boasts About Sexually Harassing His Toddler Son On National TV

You can see the son was already traumatized.

A mom of two children came out on Hello Counselor in hopes to change her husband’s abnormal behaviors. She first explained that her husband loved to tease and joke with the family, but he always crossed the line.


To start, the dad would take off his underwear and put it over the kids heads or wave his worn socks close to their faces. Their son is only 5 years old and their daughter 3.

The dad would also throw the kids into the adult pool without any life preservers or trip them while they’re running. The dad justifies his actions as simple jokes to make the kids cry because “they look cute when they cry.


But worst of all, the mom was horrified when her husband kept playing with their son’s private part. The dad would hold his son to the ground and start kissing him all over his body – even his private area.

The son would cry as he ran and hid from his dad, but the dad continued to harass him while laughing.

“He catches them and pushes their stomach down with his knees. In that position, he kisses them from head to toe, but he also kisses our son’s private part. When he tries to touch him again, our son hides in the closet and doesn’t come out.

He doesn’t even want to sleep near his dad. He cries so much, but my husband just continues while laughing.”

— Mom


The dad exhibited this behavior since the son was 2 years old. The small toddler now hates his dad. He continually hit and bit him while the dad talked about the incident on the show.


The mom tried numerous times to stop her husband from harassing their son, but he always justified that it’s a normal behavior between men. The dad doesn’t understand what’s wrong with his way of showing affection to his son.

“I try to tell him to stop, but he always responds with the same thing.

‘He’s my child! I’m just kissing him because I love him. What’s the problem? You don’t understand the bond between men.’”

— Mom


As the situation was unbelievably cruel, the cast asked the dad why he sexually harassed his son so much. The dad explained that the whiteness of his son’s skin entices him.


He also believes that the son actually likes it when they play but only has a problem with it because he touches his son’s penis for 5~10 minutes at a time.

“My son’s skin is very white. If you take his clothes off, that part of him is especially white.

I think my habit of touching him there every so often when he was a baby is still with me today.

At first, he likes it and laughs. But since I [touch him] for 5~10 minutes… I think he doesn’t like it because of the time length.”

— Dad


When Shin Dong Hyup asked the son how he truly feels about his dad’s “teasing”, the son immediately hid out of shame and embarrassment. Shin Dong Hyup clarified that when their producers talked to the boy before the recording, the son adamantly expressed his hatred towards his dad’s behavior.


Not only does he sexually harass his son at home, but also at other people’s houses. The mom explained that her husband sexually harasses their son in front of the grandparents too. The dad would take off the son’s pants in front of everyone and tell him to show it off.

“It’s ridiculous because he does it outside of the house too. When we go to our parents’ houses, he pulls down our son’s pants.

Even though our son is embarrassed, he goes, ‘Come on, son, you have to show it off.’”

— Mom


The dad tried to justify his actions once again by stating that although he touches his son’s penis as a father, he makes sure that his son doesn’t let other people touch it.

“Even though I joke around like this, I educate my son. I tell him, ‘Your private parts are precious so don’t let your friends touch it.’

But I’m his dad, so it’s different.”

— Dad


Not only does the dad sexually harass his son, but also his wife. He would body shame her, kick her as a ‘joke’, touch her whenever he wants, and drag her into their room when he gets turned on by his own ‘jokes’.

“He crosses the line with me too. He tells me I’m big and that he wants to wrestle me.

While I’m washing the dishes, he kicks me in my butt. He’d also come and touch my breasts or put his hands down my pants to touch my butt.

Then he’d get himself turned on and suddenly try to drag me towards our room.”

— Mom


As years progressed, the mom couldn’t handle it anymore. She went to see a psychologist and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. When she told her husband about it, he simply brushed it off.

“I recently went to see a psychologist because it was too difficult. I found out that I have depression, and it was so bad that I also had anxiety.

I told him, but he brushed it off like an easy topic.”

— Mom


It was bad enough that the husband continued to sexually harass his family, but he also has zero compassion and empathy.

The mom recalled the time when she almost lost their first child because the dad refused to get up in the middle of the night and turn on the heat. Her water broke from coughing so much that she had to take medication to keep her womb closed for another month while she peed through a straw.

“I don’t feel like a woman. I feel like I’m just a means to have children for him.”

— Mom


When the mom is sick and unable to take care of the children, the husband simply lies around on his phone or watches TV. He makes no attempt to help take care of the children.

And when the wife breaks down and cries, he complains about her crying.

“When I asked him to check their temperature while I got their medicine, he said, ‘I’m so tired… How do you expect me to go to work tomorrow?’

When I’m sick, he waits until I wake up and doesn’t take care of the children. Instead of making them food, he’s on his phone or watching TV.

When I cry, he asks, ‘You’re crying again? Stop crying. Why do you cry so much?’”

— Mom


At the end of the show, the dad promised to do his best to stop harassing his family and help out his wife more around the house with the kids.

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