Do Yourself A Favor And Follow These 8 Korean Beauty YouTubers, Your Skin Will Thank You

Korean Beauty YouTubers are often called Beau-Tubers, and their amazing reviews, tutorials, and beauty secrets are gathering more and more followers each day.

Not only do they give you tips and tricks for how to apply makeup to look just like a K-Pop star, they’re also easy on the eyes themselves

Check out the 8 most beautiful vloggers below:


Having just over 3.2 million followers on YouTube, PONY is perhaps the most famous Korean beauty creator on YouTube. 

Her expertise in styling and makeup is the best, bar-none.

She is known for her celebrity transformation make-up tutorials, where she guides you step by step to look like a Korean celebrity.


Lamuqe is known for her celebrity-like makeup looks and the wide variety of content throughout the video makes her stand out from the rest of the crew.

Her videos are very colorful and fun to watch as well, so it is easy to spend hours on her YouTube channel.

3. Yooncharmi

Vlogger Yooncharmi is a cheerful, fun character, but she also certainly knows what she is doing!

Not only is she fun and talented, she’s extremely beautiful as well!

4. Daddoa

Daddoa’s channel contains basic makeup techniques with easy instructions.

Her transformation videos have gone viral as she goes from ordinary plain pretty to drop-dead gorgeous.

5. Calary Girl

Calary Girl sets herself apart from the others by communicating constantly with her viewers while broadcasting.

She brings her camera everywhere, sharing a few laughs here and there.

Being fluent in Japanese, she frequently reviews Japanese cosmetics on her channel as well.

6. Sunny’s Channel

Sunny is a Korean beauty creator living in New York City.

Although her broadcasting is done in Korean, she adds English subtitles to help out her English-speaking audience.

Her skillful makeup styling and rich knowledge of the cosmetic industry, along with her natural good looks, has helped her to amass more than 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

7. Lisa Bae

Before she became a beau-tuber, Lisa was a manager at a skin care shop located in prestigious Cheongdam area, Gangnam District.

She keeps it real, giving an honest opinion when she gives the product reviews.


As a beauty creator SSIN is known for her persuasive approach.

She has more than 1.3 million youtube followers, legitimately proving her influence in beau-tubing

SSIN also likes to suggest the accessories that could go well with certain types of makeup.

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