All Your Favorite Korean Stars Live In This One Luxurious Apartment

Many top Korean celebrities call Hanwha Galleria Foret their home.  

The luxurious apartment is located in eastern Seoul, next to Seoul Forest and consists of two 45-story buildings.

Many Korean celebrities live here such as G-Dragon, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Soo Man and even Han Ye Seul!

The apartment boasts a great view of the Han River, Namsan Tower and even the newly built Lotte World Tower.

This apartment is so luxurious it hired world-class French architect Jean Nouvel for the interior of the apartment.

There’s a total of 230 units in between the two buildings and most units cost at least 1 million dollars.

Galleria Foret is truly a luxurious apartment it’s no wonder why top celebrities choose to live here.