FBI Leaks Kim Jong Un’s Internet Search History, here’s what he searches the most

The FBI’s leak on Kim Jong Un’s search history revealed something shocking about his true personality.

News sources site that while studying abroad in Switzerland, Kim Jong Un became enamored with computer games and the internet because of his lack of friends.

When the FBI looked into his search engine history during that time period, they found something interesting.

They revealed that Kim Jong Un’s most searched keyword was his very own name.

He consistently searched news articles about himself, as well as articles about international interests.

As frequent internet browsers know, he was met with numerous posts that insulted and ridiculed his image.

He even searched his name in Chinese letters, where he realized that even the citizens of his country’s allies were making fun of him.

The Chinese netizens particularly nicknamed him “Fatty Kim the Third”.Kim Jong Un demanded that the country ban this phrase on their internet.

The Chinese government agreed, but the citizens had already moved on to the new nickname “Golden Three Fat”.

Through the leak of his internet search habits, it seems clear that Kim Jong Un has come down with a serious case of vanity.

Source: Dispatch