Feather Eyebrows Are Becoming The New International Trend

Perfectly manicured eyebrows are key to a polished makeup look, and there may just be a new way to acheive that perfect look as feather eyebrows are becoming a major international trend.

Move over thick eyebrows, there’s a new trend on the block: feather eyebrows.

True to their name, feather eyebrows are exactly what they sound like: eyebrows that are styled to resemble bird feathers.

Source: @Neude_

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on how you feel about them), feather eyebrows were actually not meant to become a trend at all. A make up artist by the name of Stella Sironen jokingly teased on social media that she would be starting the trend of feather eyebrows, but once it caught on for real, there was no turning back!

Even beauty bloggers such as LIPSTICK, have jumped onto the feather eyebrows trend, and are endorse this new style.

Some women have even been going the extra mile with their feather eyebrows and have been coloring and bejewling their eyebrows to acheive a look that’s pretty wild indeed.

Take a look at how some women have been styling their feather eyebrows:.

A simple gold-tipped feather eyebrow. / Source: Maighan
The feather eyebrow may be simple, but the art that is the whole eye is quite something. / SourceKacy Wilkins      
Wow! Now that’s commitment to the look! / Source: @arlenezworld
This beauty Instagrammer went the extra mile and drew a realistic peacock feather around her eyebrows. /  Source: @browsandfleek

Whether you think feather eyebrows are great or should remain the butt of Stella Sironen’s joke, they’re quickly becoming the next big thing!

Source: PopSugar

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