This Is What Fellow Celebrities Think Of Sunmi And Why

Do you think she deserves this reputation?

During a recent appearance on Radio Star it was revealed that Sunmi is famously known as an ice princess among celebrities.

Sunmi scrunched up her face playfully when she was asked how she rejects a man and whether she gets a lot of phone calls.

She revealed that when someone gives her number out to men who want to date her… She changes it!

Sunmi shared that people will often ask if she can give her number out to men who want to meet or date her, but she always tells them no.

She explained that the reason she does this is that she simply doesn’t want to meet them.

A strong, confident woman, Sunmi instead prefers to approach men she likes!

Finally, Sunmi said that she doesn’t look for hook-ups or short-term relationships. When she likes a man, she wants to date him for a long time.

While some of the panelists agreed that her methods were a bit cold, fans shared their support for Sunmi having standards and have been praising her for knowing what her self-worth is!