Fellow SM Entertainment Label Mates Ask Questions To BoA To Celebrate Her 20th Debut Anniversary

Congrats to BoA!

In celebration of BoA’s 20th debut anniversary, Allure Korea sat down with BoA as she answered questions received by other fellow SM Entertainment label mates.

The questions were revealed to her without knowing who submitted them, causing for quite a shock after finding out who the artist was that asked the question.

Let’s take a look at what kind of questions fellow label mates asked BoA for her 20th debut anniversary celebration!

Starting off with NCT’s Doyoung, he asked, “You always comeback with various genres and try new performances. I am curious to know what your standard or guideline is for choosing music.”

For every album, my personal taste is always incorporated into it. The music that I’m listening to and enjoying at that time is usually added to my album.


The next question was quite obvious as to who asked it. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon asked, “What do you think about Taeyeon?”

Every time I see Taeyeon she always says hi very shyly. I feel like she could come a bit closer now. When I saw her do the cover of “Into the Unknown” it felt like Elsa had come to life.


NCT’s Jisung asked, “Working in this industry for 20 years is a long time. How proud are you for being active for this long period of time.”

I am very proud that I made it this far. The rivers and mountains can change in twenty years. I am proud to see myself doing what I love for the past twenty years.


EXO’s Kai asked, “Besides being on stage, when was a time you were happy with your fans?”

Aside from concerts, I held a birthday party with fans once and I enjoyed the smaller and intimate setting. I hope to do events like this more often.


Girls’ Generation’s Sunny asked, “You did a great rendition of ‘Red’. Is there any other song that you wanted to have?”

I love Red Velvet’s “Psycho” and Irene and Seulgi’s “Monster.” It’s a nice song to perform to and it’s a song that I wish I could have.


SHINee’s Taemin asked, “Tell us a moment you felt you were pretty.”

A time I looked pretty? Today? Taemin, prepare to be surprised after seeing the photos from my shoot today.


TVXQ’s Yunho asked, “How do you wish to be portrayed to the public?”

I hope to portray myself just the way I am. I used to always think about how to make my performances better, but these days I just try to stay true to myself.


Red Velvet’s Wendy asked, “What’s your secret to being able to continue this job for 20 years?”

It’s because I like what I do. I really love my work. It’s fun every time to see what type of music I will be doing next.


Super Junior’s Leeteuk asked, “Are your joints okay when it rains?”

Yes my joints are fine. Are you hurting somewhere?


Congrats again to BoA for an amazing twenty years and gifting us with great music. We hope to see more from you for the next twenty too!