This Female Actress Says She Does 700 Squats Every Day To Stay In Shape

While doing 100 squats is exhausting in itself, Lee Se Young managed to do 700 of them every day.

Lee Se Young has been greatly praised for her healthy and glamorous body, but no one ever imagined she did 700 squats every day to achieve and maintain it.

In the beauty talk show Please Take Care of my Vanity, Lee Se Young revealed that the one body part she was proud of were her thighs, and that doing squats every day greatly helped her keep them toned and shapely.

She explained that she loved working out, and that she had never felt tired, even when she did up to 700 squats every day. However, she realized that her thighs were getting too thick due to how many squats she was doing, and so she abstained from working out to size down.

Check out her gorgeous thighs below!

Lee Se Young’s toned thighs are goals.
Her legs look so healthy and strong!
Her thighs are flattering from any angle.
This is the result of doing 700 squats every day.

Source: Dispatch