This Female Celebrity Has Donated Over $ 12 Million And Told No One About It

13 billion won of donation is a significant amount of money that’s usually a front page material, but this celebrity’s stayed behind the scenes.

Over the course of 16 years, Jang Nara has secretly donated close to $12 million USD to those in need!

She began to donate since she debuted as a singer back in 2001.

She’s donated to various charities, disaster relief funds, and academic foundations in both Korea and China.

It’s been revealed that back in 2002, she donated 40 million won (~$36,400 USD) to a charity helping children in North Korea.

She’s since donated parts or the entirety of the fees she received from commercials, movies, and TV shows.

She only stopped briefly in 2006, and her reasons were simple and honest.

“If times are hard for me, I can’t be charitable. I’m simple.

I help out and donate when I can, but I’m not so eager that I’m willing to lend a hand if it means I must make sacrifices. […]

I think I’m moderately selfish.

I like living in a nice house with my parents and I want my family to be better off too.”

— Jang Nara

And what’s more, Jang Nara’s father revealed that the 13 billion won amount was actually counted back in 2009 — just imagine how much more she’s generously given since!

The fact that Jang Nara keeps her donations hushed clearly shows that she donates solely for the benefit of the less fortunate.