Female Celebrities Reveal What To Wear For A Successful Blind Date

They shared all the tips you need to know!

In celebration of the coming of spring, the hosts of Follow Me 11 have shared what you should wear to a blind date to increase chances of success!

Actress Jang Hee Jin began by explaining that when it comes to choosing the clothes for your blind date, you should wear a flowy dress and try to refrain from highlighting any uniqueness in order to succeed.

The look men like for a blind date is exactly the look I’m wearing now.

ㅡ Jang Hee Jin


She went on to share another tip for succeeding on a blind date, which was the fact that chances for success increase when a woman emphasizes her style with something red.

For instance a red blouse or a red earring…

ㅡ Jang Hee Jin


Other tips the celebrities shared included laughing at your date’s jokes, giving good reactions, offering napkins or utensils at the restaurant and more!


Check out the full video below:

Source: Dispatch