Female Fansite Manager Loves Male Idol… So She Debuted As A Member Of MOMOLAND

Here’s the story of MOMOLAND’s Jane, a successful fan who allegedly ran an INFINITE fansite.

There are rumors going around that MOMOLAND‘s Jane became an idol because of her love for INFINITE‘s L.


According to a post on Instiz, Jane used to be the fansite manager for “Baby’s Breath”, a fansite dedicated to INFINITE’s L and Sunggyu.

Apparently, she deleted her accounts when she became an idol, but some pictures are still around.


The rumor is that Jane used to be user @Lnamu_7 in 2012 and she had a personal account named @Cv204. She used the handle @BB_Pudding when she became the manager of “Baby’s Breath” in 2014.

Photo of L allegedly taken by Jane.


Netizens are stunned because they remember “Baby’s Breath” as a good site for amazing fan pictures of L and Sunggyu.

Photo taken by Baby Breathe, when Jane was allegedly the manager.


And Jane now gets to stand right next to her past bias!


MOMOLAND even won 1st place on Mcountdown, hosted by INFINITE’s Sunggyu!

Jane won her first music show award while standing right next to Sunggyu.


Talk about a true successful fan!


Source: Instiz and Insight