Female Idol Announces Her Plans To Debut As An MMA Fighter

Sol-T’s DoA has announced she will be the first girl group member to make a debut as a martial arts fighter under Korea’s K-1 mixed martial arts organization, MAX FC.

For 7 years, DoA has been a track-and-field athlete while she attended school; however, due to an injury, she could not fulfill her dream of becoming a national athlete.

She has expressed that she hopes to pick up her dream again and become a ferocious fighter in the ring:

One of the things on my bucket list was to be in a ring. My goal is to compete in at least two fights in a year while I’m still an idol singer. But most importantly, I want to improve my skills without causing an inconvenience to other fighters and my fans.

She also revealed that she was confident in her strength and perseverance, as last year, she had competed in a triathlon, where she cycled for 10 kilometers, and completed a 10 kilometer marathon.

Sol-T’s agency stated they would only allow her to enter the ring as long as she received permission by a professional.

MAX FC also spoke on DoA’s debut as a UFC fighter, and they have expressed they will be fully supporting her. She has already started training at the MAX FC gym in Seoul’s Wangsimni, under director Choi Chul Woong. Choi is a national muay-thai fighter, and has won championships in three different organizations.

Choi revealed DoA’s incredible stamina and perseverance:

DoA has been able to handle 3 hours of high intensity training, so her physical health is already up to athlete standards. We will be monitoring her closely for 6 months, and then deciding whether she will be able to officially enter the ring or not.

We wish her all the best!

Source: Dispatch