The Female Idol That Dispatch Followed For 3 Years And Failed To Get Any Dirt On … Because There Was None

She’s basically perfect!

Dispatch‘s reputation has not always been the best. While in recent years, they have helped shed light on the truth to defend some celebrities who were unjustly accused, they used to be known for relentlessly stalking celebrities for dirt. Back in Girls’ Generation‘s heyday, Dispatch famously followed all 9 members in order to find something on them. This was in the early to mid 2010s.

While they exposed former member Jessica‘s relationship with business mogul Tyler Kwon

…they also found that YoonA was dating actor Lee Seung Gi.

Not only that, they exposed leader Taeyeon‘s relationship with EXO’s Baekhyun

…and Yuri‘s relationship with sports athlete Oh Seung Hwan.

However, the one member they failed to get any dirt on was maknae Seohyun. Although Seohyun was always known for her demure and studious image, Dispatch was determined to find something out about her. Alas, after 3 solid years of tailing her, they only found that she kept going to one same place.

A cafe. That’s right, all Seohyun did in her free time was go to cafes…

…to study.

Sometimes, she would meet up with her friends or acquaintances in the cafe for a cup of coffee or consult them for advice on her work or acting.

This was not the first and last time Dispatch failed to get the juice. They also famously trailed SHINee‘s Taemin for years only to find out that he only hung out with one person only, EXO’s Kai. Better luck next time, Dispatch!

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