This Is The Female Idol That Everybody Wants To Be Friends With

She’s popular with female idols!

It seems everyone is falling for (G)I-DLE‘s main dancer Soojin! Recently, numerous idol have expressed their want to befriend the girl.

One of these idols is newly-debuted soloist Jeon Somi, who posted an Instagram story update of Soojin’s profile!

This must be fate. What do I do? I really like her.

She also stated in a radio interview that she would like to eat bread with Soojin!

Like Somi, After School member and former Produce 48 contestant Lee Gaeun was asked on her Instagram stories which female idol junior she is interested in. There, she replied that she likes Soojin!

Honestly, I like (G)I-DLE’s Soojin a lot…

During a fansign, LOONA‘s Olivia Hye was asked which female idol she really wanted to be friends with. She replied that she wants to be friends with Soojin!

Q: Hye, is there a female idol you want to be friends with.
A: I want to be friends with Soojin sunbaemin!

Similarly, GWSN‘s Minju was asked if she had any idol she wanted as a friend.

Q: What idol do you want to be friends with?
A: (G)I-DLE – Soojin

Chungha has also mentioned that she wants to have a collaboration stage with the idol.

It seems Miss Soojin is quite the social butterfly!

Source: Pann