Female Idol Goes All Out Sexy On Cover Of MAXIM Korea

The steamy cover pictures will tell why this member is the visual center of her group!

MAXIM Korea magazine, a platform where several female idols have shown off their maximum sexiness, has featured RANIA‘s Hyeme on its May edition cover.


Hyeme debuted with RANIA (also known as BP RANIA) in 2015 and has been promoting with the group since then. While she is the “maknae (막내)”, or the youngest member, Hyeme has a great voice and a glamorous physique that makes her one of the best known RANIA members.


On her Instagram, Hyeme has shared her excitement at being on the cover of the May edition MAXIM Korea magazine.

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Hyeme is relatively active on her social media account and continues to interact with her fans by updating up close and personal shots from her daily life.


It’s no wonder she was excited, because she looked amazing! Hyeme wowed her fans with the pre-released photos from the MAXIM photo shoot.


She looked like a seductive goddess in her red, black, and nude-colored lingerie that revealed her shape and complemented her figure.


Since RANIA has not released any new bops in a while, RANIA fans are thrilled to see Hyeme on the move and patiently await for good news about the group’s return.

Watch Hyeme put her gorgeous curves to work in this performance of “Make Me Ah”, one of RANIA’s hits, here:

Source: Dispatch