Female Idol Who Was A Lifelong Fan Of TVXQ…Finally Meets Changmin In Person

She was even a member of Cassiopeia!

On a recent broadcast of jTBC‘s Differential Class, TVXQ!‘s Changmin met a celebrity guest who was a member of the group’s fan club.


When Changmin was introduced as one of the special guests for the broadcast, everyone in the studio was very excited.


But nobody was more excited than Jisook!


Jisook, who was a former member of the group Rainbow, revealed that she is actually part of Cassiopeia, TVXQ!’s official fan club.


She even shared that her favorite member from the group was Changmin.

“I was really a member of Cassiopeia! I was a huge fan of Max Changmin!” — Jisook


Finally, when asked if she had anything to say to her fellow Cassiopeia, Jisook could not believe her good fortune!

“I hit the jackpot, guys!” — Jisook


Looks like you still got it, Changmin.


Source: Dispatch and My Daily


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