Female Idol shares photo of injured legs after over-practicing

Former The Grace member, Stephanie, recently shared a photo of legs looking extremely bruised and swollen.

She’d been training hard to learn pole dancing, especially for her performance of MAMAMOO’s “Piano Man” on Suspicious Singer.

She said that even though the bruises were painful, they were all worth it as it gave her a chance to try something new!

“The honorable bruises I got from last night’s Suspicious Singer lollipop pole dance. Every time I’m on the pole, I get de ja vu. It was a short time, but I was so happy to be trying something new. Fighting for the future^-^!
Even [though] I got bruises from the performance it was worth it.”

— Stephanie

As a result, her hard work and endless practice sessions all paid off as she delivered a flawless performance.

Check out the full performance below: