This Female Idol Showed Her Fan Appreciation In The Most Expensive Way

Yubin knows how to impress her fans… both on and off the stage!

Former Wonder Girls rapper Yubin made her return as a vocalist and fans are wild in love with her retro city chic concept.

For the first time in 11 years, Yubin is flying solo. Her newest track, “Lady”, shows exactly how well Yubin has matured into a wonderful musician over time!


Once she successfully debuted as a solo artist, Yubin put together gift packages for her fans who have stayed loyal by her side for over a decade. She rented out an entire café for a fan meeting where she handed out these gifts to about 70 of those who attended.


On the outside, Yubin posted a picture of herself and captioned it, “Thank you for always being by my side and I love you.” 


Each gift package consisted of Giorgio Armani foundation and lip cosmetic products.


Fans were surprised by how pricey the gifts included turned out to be. The foundation is sold for around $60 and the lip color for $40 US dollars. This meant Yubin spent a good $100 on each fan!


Those who received Yubin’s gift packages were completely touched. Others also praised Yubin for having some intense love for her fans!

  • “She must really love her fans to spend this much money on their gifts.”

  • “Yubin is so awesome!”

  • “You can tell Yubin seriously loves her fans.”

  • “Wow, her fans get Giorgio Armani back for supporting her?!”

Source: Dispatch