Here’s What Female Idols Eat In Order To Get The “Ideal” Body

Female idols are known for their intense diet and exercise regimens ahead of their comebacks, and if you ever wanted to know (or try) their diets, here’s what they eat.

1. Suzy

I try not to eat dinner.

For breakfast, Suzy eats 1 steamed sweet potato, some chicken breast, and 1 cup of low-fat milk. At lunchtime, she has a bowl of brown rice and a vegetable salad. Finally, for dinner, it’s just 2 steamed sweet potatoes for Suzy.

2. Ailee

I only consumed 500kcal a day.

The first things Ailee eats in the morning are an apple, some chicken breast, one cup of soy milk, and a whole cucumber. On the menu for lunch is one sweet potato, a hard-boiled egg, and a small portion of plain yogurt. Ailee then rounds out her day with a small portion of shrimp, crab, chicken, or beef, along with two cups of veggies, and some fruit.

3. SISTAR’s Soyou

I check my body by taking pictures from all angles.

A bowl of rice, some kimchi jjigae, and a rolled egg dish are Soyou’s breakfast. When lunch rolls around, she eats a portion of either sweet potato or corn along with some protein (either tofu or a boiled egg). Dinner consists of just a chicken breast.

4. Apink

No food after 6 PM.

Apink’s breakfast consists of a bowl of brown rice, some chicken breast, a portion of white kimchi, a small amount of spinach, 10 cherry tomatoes, and an apple. A sweet potato, some more chicken breast, 10 more cherry tomatoes, a portion of broccoli, and half an apple are what the idol group has for lunch. For dinner, (before 6 PM, of course!) Apink has some soft tofu, a salad, Natto, a glass of soy milk, and a banana.

5. AKMU’s Soohyun

Being pretty is not about getting plastic surgery but eating healthy.

Soohyun’s daily meals are as follows:

1. For breakfast, she eats two hard-boiled eggs and a grapefruit.

2. Lunch brings another two hard-boiled eggs, a piece of toast, and some tofu salad.

3. Dinner consists of a bit of beef, some brown rice, and mushrooms.

6. KARA’s Gyuri

This is how I eat before an album comes out.

Gyuri’s diet sets itself apart from the rest of the idols on this list. For breakfast, she eats chicken breast, a hard-boiled egg, some fish, and a glass of non-fat milk. Lunch consists of some sort of protein, a salad, and a hard-boiled egg. Gyuri’s dinner is a portion of protein, some tofu, green veggies, and some potatoes. Gyuri then also has a second dinner! For second dinner, Gyuri has more protein along with some veggies like bean sprouts.

Source: 1boon