Female Idols’ Leaked ID Photos Reveal Their True Beauty

Although pictorials and stage photos definitely showcase the beauty of female idols, they don’t necessarily depict how the girls look in real life.

Photos for school IDs and driver’s licenses most accurately portray the true beauty of idols, as they take away the effects of lighting and heavy makeup. Looking at some of these idols’ ID photos, however, it’s surprising how different some are from their on-stage look, and just how similar some others are. Regardless, their beauty is undeniable, are these not the most aesthetic ID photos ever?

Girls’ Generation‘s SeohyunYuri, and Yoona 

Girls Generation ID photos

T-ARA‘s Jiyeonf(x)‘s Krystal, and Apink‘s Naeun


AOA‘s JiminSeolhyun, and Choa


Girl’s Day‘s Yura and Hyeri


G-Friend‘s SowonYujuSinB, and Yerin


Source: Dispatch