5 Female K-Pop Idols Wore The Same Striped Sweatshirt But Added Their Own Unique Vibes To It

They all served looks!

A cute striped sweatshirt is all the rage among female K-Pop idols!

| @ron.official.ron/Instagram

The Stripe Collar Sweatshirt was designed by the South Korean brand RONRON, and it’s available in navy and white or green and white. The sweatshirt costs $44 USD.


Here are 5 idols who have worn the RONRON’s Stripe Collar Sweatshirt and how they added their own vibes to it!

1. Miyeon ((G)-IDLE)

Miyeon wore the sweatshirt during a live stream. She wore it with comfy-looking light wash jeans, and she exuded youthful, refreshing vibes.

2. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene wore the sweatshirt in her YouTube video “IRENE’s Birthday Meal Kit.” She accessorized with a black velvet headband with a cute bow on top. Irene served adorable, preppy vibes in her RONRON sweatshirt.

3. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi wore the sweatshirt in an Instagram update. She wore a dark grey coat over the sweatshirt and finished her look off with a pair of light grey sweatpants. Seulgi served indie, artistic vibes in her sweatshirt.

4. SinB (VIVIZ)

SinB wore the sweatshirt on an episode of Style Me. SinB wore the sweatshirt with a pair of red pants. She filmed a makeup tutorial during the show, so she didn’t have any makeup on. SinB served major girl next door vibes in her sweatshirt as she showed off her natural beauty.

5. Eunji (Apink)

Eunji wore the sweatshirt on an episode of Problem Child in House. She wore the sweatshirt with jeans, and she accessorized with a delicate pearl necklace and a set of buttons pinned to her sweatshirt. Eunji served cute and comfy vibes in her sweatshirt, and her gorgeous peachy makeup added a more glamorous vibe to the look.

Same Fit, Different Vibes