These Female Idols Will Kick Your Ass At Drinking Soju

There are celebrities who can handle their alcohol and ones that can’t. It seems like the female idols of the industry are all born-drinkers, according to a report by Dispatch.

Eight female idols were identified by Dispatch as not just having great alcohol tolerance, but also just being heavy drinkers!

It’s hard to talk about artists who drink without bring up the most legendary idol of all, BoA. BoA accidentally revealed her drinking skills during a TV program. On the show she revealed, “I’ve never counted how much I can drink.”

BoA isn’t the only female in SM Entertainment that can drink!

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny revealed that the members tend to throw parties for their staff members at the end of every song promotion. She talked about her drink of choice saying, “If it’s mixed like somek (soju and beer), then there is no limit to how much I can drink!”.

Amongst the top eight female celebrities who can drink, Solji was named a candidate because of her nickname. The nickname ‘Sooljii” is wordplay on “Sool” which means alcohol in Korean.

Lovelyz’ Babysoul, Apink’s Eunji, Dalshabet’s Ahyoung, Davichi’s Minkyung and Girls’ Day’s Yura also shared their drinking habits, revealing the girls’ strong alcohol tolerance.

LovelyzBabySoul revealed that, “My tolerance… is about five bottles of soju!!”

Apink’s Eunji: “I drink 3 bottles of soju.”

DalShabet’s Ahyoung: “I can easily drink two and a half bottles of soju!”

Davichi’s Minkyung: “On average, I drink about two bottles of soju~”

Girls’ Day’s Yura:“When I’m in a good mood or condition, I drink at least ten glasses of somek[soju/beer].”

It’s impossible not to also mention Han Hyo Joo when talking about women in Korea who will kick ass at drinking! While she’s not an idol, she definitely has what it takes to go head-to-head with anyone at drinking soju.


Her favorite drink? Soju bombs! She revealed once in an interview that her perfect ratio for the drink is 7:3! Dang!

Source: Dispatch