Dressing Like A British Man? The Trend Female K-Pop Stars Are Obsessed With Right Now

BLACKPINK, NewJeans, and more are all hopping on this style trend.

There’s no way K-Pop’s most gorgeous young, female idols would want to dress like British men, is there? Think again, because that’s where stars like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie and NewJeans are getting their style inspo these days.

K-Pop often draws fashion inspiration from the glitzier fashion meccas of the world, from Seoul to New York. Take the still-popular “high teen” trend, for example (which draws its inspirations from American coming-of-age media like Clueless and Gossip Girl), or the numerous idols who don US hip-hop streetwear looks.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie is one of the biggest “high teen” fashion icons | @DelicatoJJ/Twitter

British fashion, on the other hand, has always been a lot less represented — until now, and the inspiration is coming from a particularly unlikely place. When you think of British men, what comes to mind? Whether it’s beloved actors like Henry Cavill and Tom Hiddleston, outdated stereotypes of posh aristocrats sipping tea, or even the recent “True Brexit Geezer” meme, you probably don’t picture K-Fashion icons.


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But, K-Pop idols are thinking outside the box with the latest trend: “blokecore”.

From the slang term “bloke,” which means “man” in the UK, blokecore takes all its ideas from one of the country’s most popular subcultures: British football culture. Also known as “ladcore”, blokecore idolises the sporty looks once seen at football (or soccer) stadiums in the 1980s and 1990s.

Korean footballer Son Heung Min, captain of the English club Tottenham Hotspur | Irish Mirror

While this may not sound particularly stylish at first, idols are managing to make this trend look so chic, you may want to copy it yourself. Take Jennie, for example. All the way back in the “Pink Venom,” music video, the BLACKPINK star gained attention for donning a modified Adidas Manchester United FC Teamgeist jersey, which reportedly flew off the shelves just after the video dropped.


Around the same time, the just-debuted NewJeans were rocking sports jerseys in the music video for “Attention,” where their casual yet cute outfits had all eyes on them. Since then, numerous idols have been blending bloke-inspired pieces into their everyday style.

NewJeans’ Haerin | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Soloist Yena, for example, recently paired a pink Real Madrid jersey with camo pants and a trapper hat.

| @yena.jigumina/Instagram

Most recently, LE SSERAFIM were seen today kitted out in soccer uniforms in partnership with FC Barcelona and Spotify.

| @FCBarcelona/Twitter

Others, like STAYC‘s Yoon, are wearing brands that are jumping on the blokecore trend, like MSKN2ND with this “Football Star Oversized Jersey”.


British blokes are undeniably unexpected fashion icons in the K-Pop world. But, part sporty and part nostalgic, when you really look at blokecore, it’s no surprise the trend is rising strong amidst styles like athleisure and Y2K.

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