23-Year-Old Policewoman Falls In Love With Gangster She Arrested

This definitely didn’t play out like a real-life K-Drama.

A policewoman fell in love with a member of the Yakuza and fed him classified information so he would keep their relationship a secret.


The 23-year-old officer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shinjuku Precinct arrested the gang member in November 2017, but while in custody the two developed a friendship, which developed into a serious romance.

When he was released on bail, they continued to exchange e-mails and texts, and even traveled together as a couple.


It was revealed after an internal investigation by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police that she had been funneling information to her boyfriend about a fellow Yakuza member under investigation since December 2017.

Image: Anton Kusters/Daily Mail

“I thought if I gave him information, he wouldn’t tell anyone about our relationship.” — Policewoman


The Tokyo Metropolitan Police placed the policewoman on suspension for six months as a disciplinary action, but she resigned the same day the news got out.

Source: Nextshark and SoraNews24