[★BREAKING] Female Rookie Idol Sexually Molested By Her CEO

Yeail Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Sung Wook has been charged with sexually assaulting a female rookie idol in his agency.

The rookie idol’s name is omitted and hidden on all reports. 

In addition to the CEO, a veteran female singer, Moon Hee Ok, is also being charged as well for being an accomplice in the sexual assault.

Moon Hee Ok is also an artist under Yeail Entertainment and she knew about the sexual assaults after the trainee went to her for help. 

Afer learning about the sexual assault allegations, Moon Hee Ok told the idol to stay quiet and not report anything to anyone. 

She allegedly even threatened the idol to prevent her from revealing the truth on the sexual assaults.

“Unless the words from your mouth are: I won’t say anything or I will keep my mouth shut – I have nothing more to say to you.” 

— Moon Hee Ok (Speaking to female idol)

The rookie idol was sexually assaulted on June 24 in the CEO’s car.

He forcibly touched the idol and told her that he wanted to “have her” as he kept molesting her.

The Korean media got in touch with the rookie idol and conducted an interview where she revealed how she felt. 

“As time went by, it kept getting harder and harder to stay quiet. It was painful and it got the point that I had to take medication to help me sleep.

The only people I saw were my parents and my doctor. I had absolutely no desire to meet anyone else. I started to fear people [after the incident.]”

— Anonymous Female Rookie Idol

The female idol’s contract with Yeail Entertainment ended on December 2016. All her schedules have been postponed as of late and she is in the process of getting into a legal battle against the CEO plus Moon Hee Ok.

On November 1st, 2017, Seoul’s Southern District Police Station confirmed that the case against the CEO and Moon Hee Ok had been filed by the idol.

Legal and criminal proceedings will be proceeding as of today. 

Source: The Fact