Former FIESTAR Member Cheska Opens Up About Slave Contract And Suicidal Ideation

Thank goodness she’s okay now

Recently, former FIESTAR member Cheska went live to talk about her experience working in the K-Pop industry and the hardships she endured.

The ex-member, who debuted with the group in 2012, said that she never actually wanted to debut in FIESTAR but was forced to due to her contract. While she was able to escape the group in 2014, some of the things that she endured in her two years as an idol sound tremendously difficult.

In her video, she talks about the lack of transparency regarding finances with the company she worked under, the now-infamous 7-year “slave contract”, how difficult it was to make friends as an idol, and even her thoughts of suicide due to how hard her life was.

I wanted to leave ever since I started, but I couldn’t because I was under a 7-year contract. I decided to leave K-pop when I found out no matter how hard I tried with the members to be very close with each other. That’s when I found out I had to leave before I ended up killing myself because that’s what I was going to do.

— Cheska

Watch more of her discussion here:

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