Fifth Harmony Member Spotted Wearing A Jacket With Korean Letters In “Down” MV

Fifth Harmony, a popular girl group in America, featured a Korean paradox splashed on a member’s jacket for their music video.

Normani Kordei wore a white leather jacket for their music video, “Down”.

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But one specific phrase on her right shoulder caught the eyes of K-Pop fans.

The phrase written in Korean translates to “Instability is stability.” (불안정이 안정)

It perfectly fit into the song’s lyrics that talked about love between two wild souls!

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The Korean shout out comes as no surprise, since everyone knows Fifth Harmony is a fan of K-Pop.

Their former member Camila Cabello also shared some love with BTS at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

Check out the Korean paradox featured on the girls’ new music video!

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