Filipina Actress Jokes That She Is A Sasaeng Fan Of BTS And ARMYs Are Not Happy

ARMYs are not happy.

Filipina celebrity Arci Muñoz is famous for her acting skills, talent, beauty, and as well as being an ARMY. She recently became a fan of BTS and has showcased her love for the group on her personal Instagram page.

She has attended BTS’s concert in Seoul and even flew to New York to watch her idols perform at the annual Jingle Ball. She even got a tattoo of BTS’s Love Yourself album logos on her arm, proving that she really is a fan!

She also started posting her adventures as an ARMY on her YouTube channel where she documents her merchandise shopping galore, and visiting places BTS has previously visited among others.

Local ARMYs and her fans enjoyed seeing her love for BTS, but she recently received negative attention after jokingly referring to herself as a “sasaeng fan” of the boy group.

Although she jokingly claimed herself as a sasaeng, she doesn’t necessarily stalk BTS, and only follows the boys on their official schedules and visits places BTS has previously visited such as eating in a restaurant where the members have previously eaten in.

However, fans are sensitive to the topic because they want to protect BTS from “sasaeng fans” and being a “sasaeng” really isn’t something to be joked about.

Other fans defended her and gave her the benefit of the doubt, saying that she just recently got into K-Pop so she probably didn’t know what being a “sasaeng” means, however it wasn’t the first time she described herself as a sasaeng and even shared that she is learning the Korean language.

Local ARMYs compiled a list of “problematic” things she has done as a fan of BTS following her sasaeng joke, and are claiming that she is a “Jimin akgae,” also referred to as a “solo stan,” or someone who just supports one member of a group, but dislikes the rest.

She also admitted to creating multiple accounts for more chances of winning the raffle ticketing method for BTS’s recent concert in Seoul which is prohibited.

ARMYs previously educated the actress with what “sasaeng” means, but she used the word to describe herself again which offended a lot of fans. ARMYs are not hating on her, but are simply wishing that she would take the time and effort to educate herself with what “sasaeng” really means and the gravity that word has to K-Pop fans.