Filipina Actress Liza Soberano Raves About What It Was Like To Meet BLACKPINK — And Which Member She Has A “Girl Crush” On

We totally relate!

BLACKPINK are such it girls that they have many celebrity fans. From pulling in huge numbers of Thai actors, models, and singers to attracting the attendance of some of the biggest names in K-Pop, their concerts are often hot spots.


One celebrity known for being a huge blink is Filipina actress, singer, and model Liza Soberano. 

Liza Soberano | @lizasoberano/Instagram

Liza recently sat down for a make-up interview with YouTube star and make-up artist Patrick Starr, where the two chatted about several things as she got her make-up done.

| PatrickStarr/YouTube

Near the end of the interview, Patrick Starr asked Liza to name both her girl crush celebrity and boy crush celebrity. Liza easily says she has “the biggest crush on Jennie from BLACKPINK.

| PatrickStarr/YouTube

Patrick asks if she is friends with Jennie, to which she replies that she “wishes they were.” She then begins to describe what it was like to meet BLACKPINK at their show in LA, where a host of other world-famous celebrities were also in attendance.

| PatrickStarr/YouTube

I didn’t know that I was going to meet them. I thought I was just going to watch the concert. I was brought to like the VIP area and as soon as I entered the room, like I recognized everybody.

— Liz Soberano

She then explains how she felt actually meeting the members and confesses to “freaking out” on the inside.

| PatrickStarr/YouTube

I was trying to keep it cool, but on the inside, I was freaking out. Then I met all of them, really, they’re so sweet and no matter how tired they were after performing, they were just so accomodating.

— Liz Soberano.

Liza got a photo with her girl crush and Lisa at the concert and has grown to love her more since then!

| @lizasoberano/Instagram

You can check out the video here!