Filipina Background Actress From “All of Us Are Dead” Carried Her Backpack In The Most Pinoy Way Ever

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The hottest Netflix K-Drama at the moment, All of Us Are Dead, has a Filipina actress in its midst! This zombie apocalypse horror series is set in a typical Korean high school and features a cast that either fights the undead or becomes them instead.

All of Us Are Dead | Netflix

Noreen Joyce is the Filipina actress in question who was one of these students. She has extensive experience acting as an extra in K-Dramas with a repertoire that includes Hospital Playlist, Our Beloved Summer, Reflection of You, and more. She documents her travels and experiences through her Instagram account joyce_in_korea.

Noreen Joyce | @joyce_in_korea/Instagram

| @joyce_in_korea/Instagram

This January, she posted still shots of herself acting in All of Us Are Dead. Her character, Kang Yoon Ah, was one of the classmates who laughed at the bullied student in Episode 1.

| @joyce_in_korea/Instagram

She was also there in the crowd of students outside the school. If you looked at this scene closely, you might have noticed a student holding her backpack in a very unique way.

Instead of carrying it on her back, she held it in front across her chest. It was a simple but accurate nod at what Filipinos would look like in the apocalypse as well!

| @joyce_in_korea/Instagram

| @joyce_in_korea/Instagram

From children to adults, Pinoys usually hold their backpacks in the same manner. It’s a comfortable way to keep one’s belongings safe, and now it’s also part of a hit K-Drama!

Pinoy TikTok star Enyrrr demonstrating how Filipinos carry their backpacks in reverse | Esnyr Ranollo/Facebook 

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the full trailer for All of Us Are Dead below.

Source: Instagram

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