Filipino Actress Liza Soberano Learns Why You Shouldn’t Troll ARMYs

Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano recently learned why you should never try to troll BTS fans.

On May 6th, Liza Soberano tweeted a question to her followers, trying to troll ARMYs by pretending not to know who BTS was. With BTS having stopped in Manila as part of their The Wings Tour, and it was clear that the actress couldn’t help but notice their presence in the country.

Fans, though, quickly took to Twitter to respond to her sarcastic comment about not knowing the boy group:

Some replies were simple and to-the-point.

Other replies made a much more elaborate analysis about the situation.

And, of course, some ARMYs utilized memes to respond.

After receiving many responses from ARMYs following her tweet, Liza Soberano sent another tweet to clarify that she was just joking and was being sarcastic when she referred to BTS as “behind the scenes”.

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