Filipino boy band member Ford hugs Dara and kisses her on the hand

BoyBandPH‘s Ford has caught everyone’s attention for his gentlemanly treatment of Dara at their latest concert.

In 2016, Dara took part in the Filipino reality singing competition Pinoy Band Superstar where she influenced the creation of the Filipino boy band, BoyBandPH. Ford first met Dara on the set of the show, where he was a contestant and, though he did not know it yet, future member of the boy band created from the show’s winners.

Now, a fully-fledged boy band, BoyBandPH held a concert and Dara actually attended it! As Ford walked down the aisle, he spotted Dara and pulled her out of the crowd, giving her a huge hug. He even serenaded her, leaving her completely speechless and, at one point, kissed her hand.

The interaction was caught on camera and fans of both idols have been raving about it.

Check out the sweet interaction between the two that has made fans absolutely swoon below: