Beautiful 17-year-old Filipino Girl Might Debut Under YG Entertainment

Chrisha Choo, aka Kriesha Tiu on K-Pop Star has impressed YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk so much that he wants to sign her immediately. After watching Crisha Choo perform on season 6 of K-Pop Star, Yang Hyun Suk is convinced that she’s going to become the next superstar. In fact, he even said, “I wanted to take her from day 1, but now I want to meet up with her CEO.

He even compared her to another participant Lee Soo Min, saying, “I hope this showed Lee Soo Min she has a long way to go.”

Chrisha is becoming super popular everywhere in Korea!

Crisha Choo also received praise from JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin Young, another of the show’s judges. He said, “She’s like a real star when she sings and dances, she shines.” Although she didn’t win the competition, it seems Crisha Choo will definitely have a bright future in the industry.

Watch the the amazing performance below: