Find Out What Happens When Red Velvet Members Try To Beat A Lie Detector

The Red Velvet girls are so honest they made really bad liars.

When Red Velvet featured on VLive V TODAY’s “Honest Challenge”, Wendy and Seulgi seemed to be the only members to answer truthfully, but it seemed like the other three members made it their mission to beat the test – which made the game so much more fun (and funny!).

Unfortunately for Wendy and Seulgi, even though they were telling the truth, the toy still shocked them. Wendy declared the toy was broken when she answered that she didn’t think Irene was funny, and it shocked her. Who knows? Maybe Wendy secretly thinks Irene is hilarious!

Wendy: “No, she’s not funny at all.” 

Seulgi knew something was wrong as well when she (and all the members) agreed that Yeri was the one who takes the most selfies, but Seulgi got shocked when they asked if she takes more selfies than Yeri. If the machine is right, though, Seulgi might be an undercover selfie queen.

Seulgi: Ah! Electric shock!” 

Irene, Joy, and Yeri purposefully lied to the machine in hopes that they could beat it, but…

In Irene’s case, when asked if she watched Joy’s shows she said “I’m sorry, no”. She got the biggest shock of her life and then came clean – she actually did watch Joy’s shows and was a loyal fan. Aww…

Irene: “In fact, I’m your loyal spectator.”


Joy was asked if she liked all of Seulgi’s cooking. Joy answered yes and Seulgi was confident this was the truth. After a big fat shock (and a disappointed Seulgi) Joy told the truth that Seulgi’s cooking isn’t that good.

Yeri became the mischievous maknae when asked about Wendy. After answering that she thought Wendy was cool, she closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply. It was all in vain, though, because she still got shocked. On her second question she tried again, openly telling Wendy “I have to stay calm! Don’t bother me!” She failed again, however, getting another shock after saying she thought Wendy was the prettiest member.

Seulgi: “That’s her smile when she lies.’

All in all, the lie detector is just a toy and the game was played just for fun so the girls’ answers shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You can watch the entire hilarious segment below:

Red Velvet