Find out which male traits Korean women go crazy for!

With gorgeous male idols and actors on every TV channel and advertisements all over the streets, Korean women have developed a very specific list of traits that they look for in a man.

Each culture has it’s own generally adored features. Of course attraction varies from person to person but these traits are thought to be some of the most sought after in Korean men. Netizens have also recently given their opinions on the universally loved traits in a man.

See the five things driving Korean women wild below!

Height is pretty much a universal, when it comes to male ideals. There’s nothing better than being able to fit snuggly into your boyfriends chest when he gives you a hug.





Next is having nice veins! Though veins could be off-putting when bulging, they can also be a sign of fitness. Plus they make men look masculine and tough!

Vein hands 1

Vein Hands 2

Speaking of hands, another desirable trait is having large hands. There’s just something about being smaller than a man even in your hand sizes that is extremely attractive.

Big hand 1

Big Hand 2

Nice thighs are always a good thing. An athletic physique can attract just about anyone. Strong thighs show that a person is healthy and likely to not be too weak to pick you up!


Wide shoulders make girls swoon; they are a classic sign of manliness. Guys with wide shoulders has been hot commodities since ancient times so of course it is a charming characteristic even today.

Wide shoulders 1

Wide shoulders 2

Wide shoulders 3

Wide shoulders 4

Source: Daum