Fin.K.L’s Lee Jin Proves She Is An ARMY, Requests BTS Song

Her mood completely changed when BTS’s music came on!

Fin.K.L‘s Lee Jin revealed that she is an ARMY and proved this fact by requesting BTS‘s songs during their camping trip.

On an episode of Camping Club, which was aired on July 21st, Fin.K.L headed to their second camping location in their camping car.


In order to uplift their mood, the members began playing songs from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s and were immersed in memories of the good old days. They played songs such as Fin.K.L’s “Forever Love” and J‘s “Like Yesterday”.


Then Lee Jin, who was driving, requested a song that strayed from their 90’s and 2000’s playlist. It was none other than BTS’s “Boy with Luv”.


Lee Jin told the other members, “Listen carefully, this song is really good,” and soon as the music turned on, she began moving her shoulders to the beat and looked more excited than ever.


She had continuously hinted at her love for BTS and even confessed that she became an ARMY when she was in the US.


Who can blame her for loving such a legendary group? Check out the full video clip from Camping Club below: