This Is The First Male Idol Group To Endorse Female Sanitary Pads

ASTRO became the first male idol group ever to be chosen as the next endorsement models for period pads.  

ASTRO was chosen for their “genuine, kind and considerate boyfriend image” the group possessed according to the pad company.

They put a spin on their marketing strategy by targeting the female consumers with relatable messages that ASTRO will relay.

Below are the English translations of the Korean text below!

1. The inescapable smile of MJ

2. The refreshing one you want to be with every day, Jin Jin

3. Cute but also very awesome, Yoon San Ha

4. Behind that charisma, is a hidden aegyo

5. The mysterious and fascinating, Moonbin

6. His entire self is like a work of art and breathtaking, Cha Eun Woo

Secret day & ASTRO! Please support with us with lots of love!


In the advertisement, ASTRO members transformed and adopted this gentle boyfriend look with lovely smiles and bright pink makeovers.

ASTRO plans on melting the hearts of the consumers with their comfortable and cozy appeal filled with aegyo.

In other news… Yura became the first idol to advertise birth control pills. 

Yura Becomes The First Idol To Advertise Birth Control Pills

Source: Dispatch